For Weight Loss Try Power Yoga

Traditional yoga has always been big on Ashthanga Yoga. In order to make it easier for the Western people to adapt to Power Yoga it was derivative from Ashthanga Yoga. Ashthanga yoga is able to detoxify organs and muscles in the body through a series of different postures where people will practice synchronizing their breath. Between the postures and the proper breathing they will experience an internal heat that is rather intense, while producing a purifying sweat that starts the detoxifying.

Since Power Yoga is a slimmed down version of Vinyasa style yoga the classes will vary from one instructor to the next. It is still considered an approach that is fitness based while being performed vigorously.

People all around the world are using Power Yoga since it workouts the entire body with exercises for toning, building strength, doing flexibility, and using functional movements and the properties of elicits that a session of cardio or even aerobics can do. Weight loss paired with fitness goes together so yoga has been able to adapt the exercises and make them more current and even upbeat.

Power Yoga has Benefits

1. Calories are burned
2. The core and body will be toned while flexibility, stamina, and strength are increased
3. Metabolism is increased
4. While improving focus, tension and stress will be relieved
5. Muscles that are normally inactive will have an increase in strength and flexibility.

Cardio Compared to Power Yoga

When doing a cardio workout for a solid hour it is true a person could burn calories at twice the speed as yoga but, yoga is going to build lean muscles that are toned while the core is being work on and the muscles are being fed. There are two things that a person will experience when using Power Yoga. In order to experience weight loss the muscles will become leaner. By muscles being lean the metabolism is now increased and fat is actually burned quicker.

Even though a good cardio session will burn double the calories it does not mean the fat is being burned. If too much cardio is done then the risk of depleting muscles becomes a factor and weight loss will be harder to achieve.


Power yoga can safely be added twice a week to the normal routine for burning fat and achieving weight loss. When doing cardio weight lifting will build muscle but, if a person has not started lifting weight then yoga will prepare the body by strengthening the muscles. Maximum results can be experienced if cardio and yoga are mixed together.

Muscles are contracted more if a person is a runner or body builds by lifting heavy weights. When using yoga it will actually lengthen the muscles by doing stretches which will help with the running and weight lifting. Yoga will help so one does not have to worry about getting cramps all the time since the muscles were not stretched properly to begin with. Yoga would be perfect to add with either routine and a person would not have to worry about losing weight since in this case yoga would help with the leanness and flexibility of the muscles.

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