Basics of the Electro Stimulation Device

The concept of using the electro stimulation device is quite simple. It uses an electrical current to facilitate transfer of energy in the form of electricity to heal an injury or wound.

An electrical source in the device regulates and controls the transfer of electric current through an electrode pad. Two electrode pads are needed to complete the electrical circuit in the device. An electrolyte is used to moisten the surface of the wound or skin to insulate the contact with the electrical energy. When the area to be treated is in contact with the electrode and electrolyte, it is said to be a "Capacitatively Coupled Electrical Simulation".

In order to understand this device better, it is essential to differentiate the waveforms that are used in this device from others. The HVPC (High Voltage Pulse Current) is the waveform used in this device. It is has a monophasic twin peak, although the widths may vary by a difference of 20-200 microseconds. This waveform is safe because it is a short pulse and does not induce unwanted changes in the pH level and temperature of the wounded area. The HVPC allows selection of pulse rate and polarity that are required for healing the wound. This makes this simulation device safe to use.

Theory Behind the Therapy

In 1994, a science based method known as pressure ulcer treatment, was issued by the AHCPR (Agency for Health Care Policy and Research panel). This method involved the use of electrical simulations. There were numerous reviews to validate, authenticate and confirm the utility of underlining the new method of treating ulcers and wounds. According to the reviews by AHCPR, the electrotherapy was effective on stage III as well as stage IV pressure ulcer cases. Moreover, there are possibilities that this form of treatment will be effective on recalcitrant ulcers in stage II. Five clinical researches involving 147 cases served as support for the effectiveness of the therapy involving electrical simulations.

The Bioelectric Structure

The human body has its own bioelectrical environment. This influences the healing of wounds by attracting the cells needed for repairing wounds. Modifying the permeability of the cell membrane enhances cellular secretion from the cell membrane. This will subsequently improve healing and cellular orientation. When the skin breaks or a wound forms, a current is generated between the skin layer and inner tissue. This current is known as the current of injury and it repairs the wounds.

The electro stimulation device is a breakthrough in medical technology. It is ideal for healing wounds that take longer than necessary to heal.

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